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Patrick and Michael talk about the best in various formats. Standard Temur Adventures with Omnath [+ without Uro], the PT Mount Rushmore, and more!

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Today is a big day for announcements! The Companion rule was fundamentally changed; and two cards (including Agent of Treachery) were banned in Standard!

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Join Patrick Chapin and Michael J. Flores on a Magical review of 2016.


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Happy Thanksgiving from Top Level Podcast!

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Fearsome Awakening is a card for people who need their Dragonlord Atarka +2/+2 bigger, two turns early. It is just one of many topics in this week's podcast

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Chapin and Flores discuss Patrick's current playtest situation with The Pantheon and 20+ years of tournament prep skills, techniques, tactics, and tech.

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Patrick Chapin (from the Pantheon house on the road) joins Michael J Flores for a first look at the Legacy format, post Treasure Cruise banning.

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