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With its ability to destroy key permanents (and lots of them), Casualties of War may be Standard's apex. In particular: Bye bye "enchantment" :)

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Oko, Thief of Crowns was banned in Standard this week, alongside Once Upon a Time and Veil of Summer. You know this. But where to next? Find out here!

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The best Mythic Championship VI decks... Plus the best of "the rest" from the most lopsided, the most homogeneous, Pro Tour ever! Then, what happens next?

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Results from the first Pioneer PTQ... The top decks AND discussion of some of the initial cards to hit the Pioneer banned list.

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What is Pioneer? Magic was born in 1993. Modern is a format from 2003 on... Now Pioneer is a format from 2013 on. It's Magic minus the first two decades...

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