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It turns out Arcbound Ravager and Hardened Scales go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Learn about this new duo + all the latest Modern tech here!

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From Rekindling Phoenix finding a new home in Grixis to Viashino Pyromancer in Wizards beatdown, Standard continues to evolve... and surprise us!

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Wildgrowth Walker contributed to one of our favorite decks of the week! Check out our take on Sultai Midrange + all the innovations of an evolving Standard!

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Palace Jailer made two of the Top 4 Legacy decks at the Pro Tour... including the winning Death & Taxes! Find out what makes this card so special (and more)

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Graveyard Marshal headlines an all-new Zombies deck. Will mono-black aggression be the dark horse at the upcoming Pro Tour? Standard continues to evolve...

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