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Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is spectacular! Is it the best red one drop of all time? Might not be tops in the SET. Still... Looks to be great

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Tainted Pact spawned not one but two new decks, then got an established card banned all last week! Which is not even most of the story this week

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Strixhaven has been telling in Standard... But some cards are even better in Modern! Clever Lumimancer, for instance, kills turn two!

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Just how great is Prosperous Innkeeper? This Halfling is a Wily Goblin with a Soul Warden tacked on! Lots of D&D. All the Modern Horizons II!

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How can Blade Historian from Strixhaven glue together a number of existing red and white cards to produce an exciting new take on aggro?

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