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It's Christmas!

Unwrap another great Magic: The Gathering podcast with Patrick Chapin and Michael J Flores.

This week - Whip of Erebos!

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To open, Mike "goes deep" (a la Patrick) to talk about THE TRUTH.

What is true? What does it mean to be true in Magic? Useful? ... A philosophy of Magic (and life) to start a discussion of transformational Magic: The Gathering card Jeskai Ascendancy!

Just how good is Jeskai Ascendancy? Mike has it -- at least possibly -- as the Number One Card in all of Standard Magic: The Gathering.

Can Jeskai Ascendancy crack Patrick's Top 10 for Standard? Top five? 

Listen and find out!

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Two-time World Championship Finalist Patrick Chapin joins Michael Flores to talk about Treasure Cruise and his utterly dominant Izzet deck from the Modern portion of this year's World Championship.

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A discussion of historical, comparable, 3/3 haste creatures for three mana.

What puts Mantis Rider over the top, historically, in the 3/3 haste creature for three mana category?

The efficiencies and (positive) inefficiencies around Mantis Rider.

Leveling in deck design and choosing decks.

"You have to metagame against the winners' circle" and what that means.

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Butcher of the Horde is Overrated (but still very good)

A different style of deck design...

The order to play your lands...

A Japanese thought experiment...

The realization of a dream...

How to choose between different good cards with similar costs and functions...

Shout outs to those who helped us get here!

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Three Cards With Siege Rhino

Patrick Chapin and Michael J Flores bring you the first Top Level Podcast, about Siege Rhino and Abzan in Standard Constructed Magic: The Gathering.

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