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Oath of Kaya is pretty horrible... For anyone who wants to play fair Magic! Plus more new cards that will define the revolutionize the upcoming formats!

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Don't sleep on Feather, the Redeemed. It is not only an efficient flyer, but with a little work Feather is an exceptional engine. Let's break it!

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Chandra, Fire Artisan is one of the best cards from War of the Spark! Her static ability is synergistic with her Ultimate; and she's a great Howling Mine!

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Storrev, Devkarin Lich from War of the Spark is our exclusive preview! Find out what kind of Zombie Elf Wizard is half Juzam Djinn, and half Ophidian...

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Gruul Aggro raised some eyebrows -- and a lot of different heads -- last week. Learn how it clears the skies... And often rules them!

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Serra the Benevolent from Modern Horizons is anything but benevolent... For the opponent! Part Crusade, part Serra Angel, part Worship; all great!

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From the return of Dredge to the most miserable card in Modern, Patrick and Michael discuss the emerging trends of this excellent format.

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Izzet Phoenix may be the best deck in Modern. But why isn't Arclight Phoenix the force in Legacy that it is in the other formats? Learn how that is changing

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Mythic Championship Cleveland is in the books! The top deck in the tournament wasn't too surprising, but the Standard format still has some spice!

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Kraul Harpooner is one of the most underrated cards in the current Standard. It can be a tempo-swinging game-winner on turn two; or steal the initiative against combo. Learn its secrets here!

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Whether a powerhouse sideboard card for Wilderness Reclamation or coming down on turn two with Llanowar Elves, now is the time to play Thief of Sanity!

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Ravnica Allegiane Standard is in full swing! Check out the emerging adventures of Pteramander, Light Up the Stage, a resurgent Hostage Taker, and more!

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Hydroid Krasis is the top Mythic Rare from Ravnica Allegiance so far. Learn where -- and more importantly how -- to play this mighty Jellyfish Hydra Beast.

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Skewer the Critics & Light Up the Stage are making waves in both Standard and Modern decks... And the new set hasn't even been released yet! Find out why.

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Wilderness Reclamation is the scariest card in Ravnica Allegiance. It's better than a ton of historical Staples + great with... Just listen to the podcast!

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Angel of Grace is the first card from Ravnica Allegiance by number. Find out why, ironically, the beginning will handily END so many games!

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Zhur-Taa Goblin is our official Ravnica Allegiance Preview from WotC! Check out our take on this flexible new threat. Attack you for two (or three)!

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Dovin, Grand Arbiter leads off another look at Ravnica Allegiance. Get ready for Planeswalkers, Anthems, and enablers aplenty this week!

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