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Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath might be the best card left in Standard; check out its performance in a near-consensus best deck... AND a brand-new challenger!

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Teferi, Time Raveler and Wilderness Reclamation are [FINALLY] banned in Standard (and elsewhere). Why did so many cards get cut... And what's next?

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The Top 8 is set for the Players Tour Finals! The talk of the tournament was Growth Spiral, but enterprising rogues were also able to succeed. Learn how...

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Historic is a brand new format featuring all the legal cards on Magic: The Gathering Arena. It's fresh, different, and super exciting to explore!

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Arcum's Astrolabe banned in Modern. Oath of Nissa un-banned in Pioneer! GOOD RIDDANCE to common troublemakers in Historic. Tons of formats; tons of changes.

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Rotting Regisaur is once again the biggest bad on the block, the meanest monster in the metagame! Old is new! But new is also new in Standard. Find out why:

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Michael Flores and Pro Tour Champion Patrick Chapin take their first look at the new Standard decks powered by Core Set 2021!

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Is Alpine Houndmaster the Squadron Hawk of Core Set 2021? What's required to make this the set's best card and are we willing to pay the deck building cost?

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Terror of the Peaks is an awesome Dragon when you're playing fair... But did you know the M21 monster also enables an infinite combo?

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Llanowar Visionary is kinda sorta an upgraded Borderland Ranger. Except instead of no one wanting to trade with it, many a mage will! Find out why here.

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Today is a big day for announcements! The Companion rule was fundamentally changed; and two cards (including Agent of Treachery) were banned in Standard!

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Zirda, the Dawnwaker and Lurrus of the Dream-Den are the first Companions to feel the ban hammer! Where do we go from here?

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Companions are rocking Modern and Pioneer! Our favorite this week uses Stoneforge Mystic to set up a fast Colossus Hammer and a stack of Kor for quick kills

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Yorion, Sky Nomad is up! The Legendary Bird Serpant (and its 80 best friends) have taken over Standard with tons more card advantage than everyone else!

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Keruga, the Macrosage is just one of the awesome Companions we highlight in this week's episode... But it's not the coolest. Think Yorion + Demonic Pact :)

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Companions from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths are already dominating every format, even Vintage! This week we examine some specific Companion-cases for Standard

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Kogla, the Titan Ape from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is just one of the exciting cards we discuss in this week's podcast. Check it out!

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Lurrus of the Dream-Den is one of the most exciting Companions from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. You already know why in Modern... But Vintage? TELL ME MORE

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Cavalier of Thorns really does help Sultai Escape rocket to the next level, doesn't it? Learn how this card helped this archetype to its most recent big win

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The #mtgtogether qualifief events have already started to spawn some amazing innovations and powerful solutions in Standard. We've got them all right here!

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Mono-Red wins the Grand Prix and Mike likes... Bant? Find out why, and also why we like the Phoenix of Ash so much in Red Decks anyway ;)

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Underworld Breach headlines some of the most broken decks in not just Pioneer... But Modern and even Legacy! Check 'em out here.

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Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger is chomping on Modern! Check out the Jund, Death Shadow, and brand new archetypes Kroxa is escaping out of and into the meta!

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Worlds 2020 is in the books and PV adds "World Champion" to his impressive resume. But for the rest of us? What are the most exciting decks to play?

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Patrick and Michael discuss the best decks in Pioneer after Players Tour Phoenix. It's Dimir Inverter meets Lotus Breach and even more Red Decks than usual!

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Inverter of Truth... Is the truth in Pioneer! This week we talk about some of the FIVE Inverter decks from the PT Nagoya Top 8 (and the rest of them, too)

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Pro Tour Hall of Famer Patrick Chapin and newly minted Players Tour competitor Michael J Flores talk all the new Pioneer Deck Lists!

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Theros Beyond Death has powered up Mono-Black Devotion! Learn the ins and outs, tips and tricks, for navigating this rediscovered cornerstone of Standard

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What makes Dream Trawler "everything to everyone"? Come find out as we discuss cards from the full Theros Beyond Death spoiler!

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Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is a neat centerpiece from Theros Beyond Death. What are some of the great combos and synergies you an exploit alongside this God?

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Heliod, Sun-Crowned is getting our creative juices flowing! Find out all the ways he can deal infinite damage, gain infinite life, or just beat down!

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Find out why Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famer Patrick Chapin says Klothys, God of Destiny from Theros Beyond Death is a five-star card!

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Theros Beyond Death previews are upon us! How great is Escape? When will you want to play a certain indestructible God? Plus, great news from Mike!

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When you Quasiduplicate your Risen Reef, you get two triggers. Than when you Jump-Start it, you get three! Listen for key play patters of the new top decks!

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Three more cards hit the Pioneer ban list: Long live Pioneer! Patrick + Michael explore losing Smuggler's Copter, Once Upon a Time & Field of the Dead

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With its ability to destroy key permanents (and lots of them), Casualties of War may be Standard's apex. In particular: Bye bye "enchantment" :)

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Oko, Thief of Crowns was banned in Standard this week, alongside Once Upon a Time and Veil of Summer. You know this. But where to next? Find out here!

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The best Mythic Championship VI decks... Plus the best of "the rest" from the most lopsided, the most homogeneous, Pro Tour ever! Then, what happens next?

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Results from the first Pioneer PTQ... The top decks AND discussion of some of the initial cards to hit the Pioneer banned list.

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What is Pioneer? Magic was born in 1993. Modern is a format from 2003 on... Now Pioneer is a format from 2013 on. It's Magic minus the first two decades...

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Once Upon a Time from Throne of Eldraine is making a huge impact on Modern! It's made Amulet Titan more consistent, is assembling Selesnya squads, and more!

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Fires of Invention is a rule-breaking card. It seems to be breaking its own rules ALREADY! Find out how this card fits into Ramp + all about the other decks in Standard

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Doom Foretold! Centerpiece of the new Esper and bane to opposing Planeswalkers. Learn what makes this card go, and how it converts into a late game killer

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How cheap does The Great Henge have to be before you are into it?

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Throne of Eldraine is almost upon us! The brewing potential is seemingly limitless with this powerful new set. We discuss the Castle cycle and lots more!

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Rosethorn Halberd is our exclusive preview card from Throne of Eldraine! Check out this bonus podcast to learn all about this sweet preview card, care of Wizards of the Coast.

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Wildborn Preserver is going to be an instant Staple in Standard! Learn about this and more powerful new green creatures from Throne of Eldraine here!

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Elspeth is back! ... Only in the body of Garruk, Cursed Huntsman from Throne of Eldraine. Learn all about the massive new Planeswalker here!

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Stoneforge Mystic is unbanned in Modern! What does this mean? Especially now that Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Faithless Looting got the [Lightning] Axe?

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Kethis, the Hidden Hand from Core Set 2020 headlines the most exciting deck in Standard. Learn its ins and outs in this week's podcast!

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Have you heard of Bomberman? This Mono-White combo deck is one of the coolest decks you can choose in Legacy. Plus! Multiple appearances by Wrenn and Six.

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Why is Leyline of the Void the most popular card in Modern? A certain Arisen Necropolis might tell you, and a certain Phoenix might have gotten in the way.

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Scapeshift and Field of the Dead make for the runaway best deck in Standard! Learn how to play (and beat) this winning combination in this week's podcast

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Chandra's Spitfire gives the tried and true Mono-Red Standard deck a "Pyromancer's Ascension"-like end game. IN ADDITION to it's established aggro...

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This podcast features a TON of new Core Set 2020 deck lists... But Simic Flash with Nightpack Ambusher might be our favorite. Learn why right now!

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Goblin Engineer from Modern Horizons is already driving multiple new decks! Learn how it plays Stoneforge Mystic or "go infinite" with Urza here!

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This episode reveals so many ways to follow up Marauding Raptor! Draw a card, make tons of power while defending yourself. More! Plus tons of additional M20

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Check out some cards we'd actually like to play from Core Set 2020! Get ready for some great creatures, amazing enablers, and even a combo or two!

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It JUST came out in Modern Horizons but... Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis is kind of already a problem. Learn how Hogaak might make Modern too fast in this ep!

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Welcome to a Standard of big and powerful spells! Is Command the Dreadhorde the biggest thing people will play? Unbelievably, no.

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Wrenn and Six from Modern Horizons is outstanding! Not only is it great ON TURN 2 against opposing one drops, this Planeswalker is a personal Howling Mine!

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Check out the new toys from Modern Horizons! We talk about lots, but Ice-Fang Coatl, a cantrip Terminate crossed with Baleful Strix is one of our favorites.

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Karn, the Great Creator from War of the Spark has ALREADY put his silver-handed mark on Modern. Learn about the two-card combo redefining the format now!

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How good is Narset, Parter of Veils in Standard? Where this War of the Spark Planeswalker kicks butt and takes names might just surprise you!

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God-Eternal Kefnet is the most underrated card in the set! Find out why Patrick thinks this card is a "10/10" and learn the secrets of its play pattern now!

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*Update 7:37pm April 26, 2019*

*This file fills in a few missing minutes from the previous upload.*

Every card in War of the Spark has been revealed! Patrick and Michael brew and riff on many of YOUR burning questions around this powerful new set.

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Every card in War of the Spark has been revealed! Patrick and Michael brew and riff on many of YOUR burning questions around this powerful new set.

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Oath of Kaya is pretty horrible... For anyone who wants to play fair Magic! Plus more new cards that will define the revolutionize the upcoming formats!

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Don't sleep on Feather, the Redeemed. It is not only an efficient flyer, but with a little work Feather is an exceptional engine. Let's break it!

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Chandra, Fire Artisan is one of the best cards from War of the Spark! Her static ability is synergistic with her Ultimate; and she's a great Howling Mine!

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Storrev, Devkarin Lich from War of the Spark is our exclusive preview! Find out what kind of Zombie Elf Wizard is half Juzam Djinn, and half Ophidian...

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Gruul Aggro raised some eyebrows -- and a lot of different heads -- last week. Learn how it clears the skies... And often rules them!

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Serra the Benevolent from Modern Horizons is anything but benevolent... For the opponent! Part Crusade, part Serra Angel, part Worship; all great!

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From the return of Dredge to the most miserable card in Modern, Patrick and Michael discuss the emerging trends of this excellent format.

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Izzet Phoenix may be the best deck in Modern. But why isn't Arclight Phoenix the force in Legacy that it is in the other formats? Learn how that is changing

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Mythic Championship Cleveland is in the books! The top deck in the tournament wasn't too surprising, but the Standard format still has some spice!

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Kraul Harpooner is one of the most underrated cards in the current Standard. It can be a tempo-swinging game-winner on turn two; or steal the initiative against combo. Learn its secrets here!

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Whether a powerhouse sideboard card for Wilderness Reclamation or coming down on turn two with Llanowar Elves, now is the time to play Thief of Sanity!

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Ravnica Allegiane Standard is in full swing! Check out the emerging adventures of Pteramander, Light Up the Stage, a resurgent Hostage Taker, and more!

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Hydroid Krasis is the top Mythic Rare from Ravnica Allegiance so far. Learn where -- and more importantly how -- to play this mighty Jellyfish Hydra Beast.

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Skewer the Critics & Light Up the Stage are making waves in both Standard and Modern decks... And the new set hasn't even been released yet! Find out why.

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Wilderness Reclamation is the scariest card in Ravnica Allegiance. It's better than a ton of historical Staples + great with... Just listen to the podcast!

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Angel of Grace is the first card from Ravnica Allegiance by number. Find out why, ironically, the beginning will handily END so many games!

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Zhur-Taa Goblin is our official Ravnica Allegiance Preview from WotC! Check out our take on this flexible new threat. Attack you for two (or three)!

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Dovin, Grand Arbiter leads off another look at Ravnica Allegiance. Get ready for Planeswalkers, Anthems, and enablers aplenty this week!

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We discuss some of the most exciting spoilers from Ravnica Allegiance, including Bedevil, Absorb, the all-new mechanics, and more!

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Lots of Ravnica Allegiance spoilers this week! We go over "everything" (that was spoiled so far) but Growth Spiral is our fave. Find out why.

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Find out all the ways that Arclight Phoenix proves it is already one of the best creatures in Modern!

Direct download: Arclight_Phoenix_in_Modern.mp3
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Detection Tower made quite a splash in Golgari this past weekend! Learn why this land is such a solid add for the Standard midrange deck... and beyond!

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Carnage Tyrant may be the most important large threat in Standard. Learn how it's gone from a mirror-breaker to a insurance against Jeskai right here!

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Adrian Sullivan played four copies of Niv-Mizzet, Parun in his Grand Prix-winning Jeskai deck. Learn how that transforms the archetype in this week's cast!

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WotC gave us a free preview from Ultimate Masters! Patrick and Michael reminisce about the classic Spirit, Sovereigns of Lost Alara in this bonus episode!

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Boros Aggro took a whopping 6 of the Top 8 slots at PT Guilds of Ravnica. Is this deck just a flash in the pan, or will it be a pillar of the metagame?

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Supreme Phantom is a great Magic card! It starts off with a respectable body for its cost, and adds two great abilities that help Bant Spirits rule Modern.

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Tocatli Honor Guard just got a promotion. This 1/3 will be industry standard for Standard this weekend; if you're relying on Jadelight Ranger... watch out!

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Tons of Guilds of Ravnica cards are appearing in high performing Modern decks. But the question is: Will Tajic, Legion's Edge take over?

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Golgari is the early king of the Guilds of Ravnica Standard format. Find out what makes the b-g deck so good in this new podcast!

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Learn what makes Experimental Frenzy one of the most exciting new cards from Guilds of Ravnica!

Direct download: Is_Experimental_Frenzy_the_New_Necropotence_.mp3
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Patrick and Michael agree in their enthusiasm about Doom Whisperer from Guilds of Ravnica. Great finisher here! Surrounded by many other great cards.

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Guilds of Ravnica continues to wow us! Patrick and Michael continue their takes on Guilds of Ravnica and its many new cards.

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