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Boros Aggro took a whopping 6 of the Top 8 slots at PT Guilds of Ravnica. Is this deck just a flash in the pan, or will it be a pillar of the metagame?

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Supreme Phantom is a great Magic card! It starts off with a respectable body for its cost, and adds two great abilities that help Bant Spirits rule Modern.

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Tocatli Honor Guard just got a promotion. This 1/3 will be industry standard for Standard this weekend; if you're relying on Jadelight Ranger... watch out!

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Tons of Guilds of Ravnica cards are appearing in high performing Modern decks. But the question is: Will Tajic, Legion's Edge take over?

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Golgari is the early king of the Guilds of Ravnica Standard format. Find out what makes the b-g deck so good in this new podcast!

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Learn what makes Experimental Frenzy one of the most exciting new cards from Guilds of Ravnica!

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Patrick and Michael agree in their enthusiasm about Doom Whisperer from Guilds of Ravnica. Great finisher here! Surrounded by many other great cards.

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Guilds of Ravnica continues to wow us! Patrick and Michael continue their takes on Guilds of Ravnica and its many new cards.

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Wizards of the Coast gave us a cool new card from Guilds of Ravnica: Crackling Drake! Patrick Chapin & MIke Flores discuss the new set with Izzet flavor.

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Assassin's Trophy is a flexible new tool from Guilds of Ravnica. It's undercosted, powerful, and will see play in all the main formats for years to come!

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